At eInternet Technologies, we have an incredibly skilled team available to custom build web-based software for your business needs. Taking your requirements and product description, we can create the perfect web-based software solution to give your business the competitive edge over your rivals.



Normally, software is installed on your computer by downloading directly from the internet or a software disc. With web-based software, you simply access your software over the internet using your web browser, any time you need. This is one of the most effective ways you can operate your business, using modern technology to your full advantage. When eInternet starts web-based software development projects, we work out exactly what your business needs to get from the software and how it can enhance your company. All projects are programmed with PHP and use MySQL databases – the most popular management system. Your software operates online and can be secured with SSL encryption to safeguard maximum security.

Using our web-based software development has many advantages to your business. Software is custom built to your exact requirements, so it will fulfill every need and aim of your operation. As the software resides on a central server, there is nothing to download or install on your computer or devices and therefore you need less storage space on your appliances. Your custom built web-based software can also support remote workers or salespeople on the road. With all of your software in one place, your employees can access your software wherever they are and on any device. This enables your business to operate efficiently and increase productivity amongst your team.

eInternet's web-based development enables you to get the perfect, custom built system for your business to thrive and develop effectively. Through your chosen system, you can enhance productivity across the company and ensure you are interacting with your customers and colleagues as efficiently as possible. Find out how your organization can benefit from custom applications at an affordable price.